About Us

National Action Forum for Social Justice established by Late Shri P. S. Krishnan, IAS (1956 : AP) in 1993. After sad demise on 9-11-19, Dr. Raja Sekhar, IAS(1990-HR) will be the new chief patron from 21-12-2022 of the Forum.

Under the auspices of Shri P.S. Krishnan, Former Secretary to Government of India released a Dalit Manifesto on March, 1996 in Three Parts.

* Part-I Pertaining to Scheduled Castes and matters pertaining jointly to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
* Part-II Pertaining to Scheduled Tribes ( other than matters contained in part-I jointly with SC) and
* Part-III Pertaining to Backward Classes

The Forum orgsnized a Rashtriya Dalit Chintan Shivir on 15th, 16th and 17th April, 2005 at Mussoorie Dehradun, Uttrakhand. Senior Politicians of National Political Parties, Senior Bureaucrate and social worker from all over the country have participated.

Forum released Himalaya Proclamation of SCs STs, socially and educationally backward classes including of religious minorirites, which contained 7 points.

Memorandum of the Parliamentary Forum of SC & ST MPs dated 17.12.1996 to the PM (and repeatedly presented subsequently), recommendations of the "Drafting Committee" of all Party Convention of 5-7/12/1999.

White paper of the first National Convention of the India National Conference (20/01/2000, expanded white paper discussions at that National Convention, the Bhopal Declaration (12-13-1/2002), and chapter 10 of the report of the national Commission for the review of the working of the Costitution (2000-2002 read with its Background note, the report of the working groups on the Empowerment of BCs in the IX Plan (1997) and X plam (2001).

On 6th August, 2009, in the honour of newly elected Members of Parliamentary of 15th Lok Sabha, the Forum faciliated at the Parliamentary Annexe, New Delhi wherein 48 members of Parliamanet belonging to the SC/ST participated. The detail discuss were held during the Felicitation Program regarding the Forum activities and further course of action.

The Special Componenet Plan for scheduled Castes (SCP) & Tribal Sub Plan (TsP) Bill was Prepared by Late Shri P S Krishnan ji, IAS, 1956: AP , under the auspices of National Action Forum for Social Justice. & it's an achievement that Andhra pradesh , Telangana , Karnataka & Rajasthan Governments implement the bill at their States.